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Our Business Philosophy

We aim to coach our delegates through high-level of Self Awareness.TQMS Global firmly views BELIEF AND MOTIVES are two variables that can make any program effective. PASSION to create Human Capital Appreciation that generates Wealth for every organisation we PARTNER with, allows us to match QUALITY with PRACTICAL aspect of our delivery.

We PARTNER with Corporate and Individuals with an aim of professional performance and productivity improvement of our delegates. The training becomes cost effective when weighed with benefits accrued on clients investment. The Secondary Focus is to make every individuals build their OWN PERSONAL BRAND WORTH.

We work with COMMITMENT and DESIRE to help our delegates to EXCEL in their ability & Expertise. Installing the seeds of ETHICS & INTEGRITY is a core mantra throughout the program.

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Our Management Philosophy

Employees are like lifts, they can take the company up or down. Hence we are extremely selective in our efforts to build our core Learning & Development Council and Team of Knowledge Enablers who are determined to build their knowledge base with every deliver they do.

The clarity of every Knowledge Enabler helps TQMS to work with a flexible framework that allows a great balance between Personal and Professional Achievements.

TQMS Global is committed to present Opportunities that are highly enterprising and innovative for their knowledge enablers. As an organisation, we sincerely endorse that without personal enhancement, fragrance of success and achievement cannot reach our delegates.

TQMS Global is committed to benefits and compensation for all those who get involved to participate in the company’s vision and goals.

Harmonisation of each individual’s personal objectives with overall corporate objectives.

Creation of business partnerships or strategic alliances with other individuals or organisations where mutual benefit can be achieved in par with TQMS Global Philosophy of Ethics and Integrity is the key for achievement.

Account Relationship has been the key focus area, which makes TQMS Global endorse that they have participated in clients growth and performed so professionally that it adds to his/her growth.

A sense of Mutual Respect and Trust, Openness & Pride in what we do in ENERGIZING HUMAN LIFE for personal and professional benefits keeps us going.

Our Corporate Strategy

The core aspect of TQMS Global business proposition is

“To be a specialised knowledge enabling management consulting firm that contributes to human capital through competency management and assessment.”

TQMS Global aspires to connect with Industry, Corporate, Association, Educational Institution & Societies to build an Entrepreneurship and Intraprenurship abilities. Independency is what we aim high for. The Gamete of our services will be delivered professionally and profitably.

TQMS Global endeavours to promote the full range of services Customised Training / Coaching Solutions, Open Courses, Certified Courses, Short Term Certificate, Learning & Testing Solution or Specialised Individual Coaching to all Industry, corporate, Association, Educational Institution & Societies